Jonathan Trichter


Jonathan Trichter spent a major part of his career in finance and on Wall Street, where he was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan before becoming a founding principal at a corporate restructuring firm. He later went on to work for the New York City venture capital fund, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, which is run by his family. Jonathan and his family were personally touched by autism; he himself became deeply involved in the delivery of therapies that are now available for children with neurological and behavioral differences. He is passionate about making sure many others receive the best therapies available, and he works fulltime and onsite at Hubbard Day.

Joel Maute


Joel Maute graduated from Boston University with a degree in Occupational therapy. He began his career in the Milton Public Schools and transitioned to a home care specialist providing therapeutic services to children with varying disabilities. Realizing the critical need for children to generalize their skills outside of their home, he co-founded a successful school-based alternative education program that was widely known for its excellence. Subsequently, he partnered with Jonathan Trichter and expanded that program to include two locations: The Foundry Learning Center in Manhattan and Hubbard Day School in Stamford, Connecticut. He has intricate knowledge of the special education space from a clinical and managerial perspective and works fulltime and onsite at Foundry.

Ashley Coelho

Program Director

Ashley Coelho holds a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education from Fairfield University and an Intermediate Administration and Supervision Certification (092) from Sacred Heart University. She has been a Special Education teacher for the over 9 years and began her career at an approved private special education program in Connecticut. Ashley has worked with a variety of students who demonstrate cognitive, behavioral, and emotional delays because of their disabilities. Her philosophy on education is that all students have the capacity to make progress given adequate supports. She is passionate about leading a program made up of a multi-disciplinary team that values and focuses on developing individualized programs that meet each student’s needs. Learning reaches far beyond the classroom walls and student success is not only measured by academic growth. It is the responsibility of each student’s school team to work closely with their families to set high expectations for growth and celebrate small gains along the way.

Christina Ferrari

Board Certified Behavior Analysts ("BCBAs")

Christina Ferrari received her undergraduate and master’s degree from Manhattan College in childhood and special education. She taught kindergarten in Seoul, South Korea for one year and then taught in the special education setting in New York for 4 years before making the transition to Applied Behavior Analysis. Christina earned her advanced certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Hunter College and became board certified in 2019. Prior to joining the Hubbard team, she worked as a clinical supervisor at an ABA agency in Stamford, CT. While there, she provided supervision to both staff and families and worked closely with the clients on her caseload. Christina is passionate about ABA and feels it can be applied beyond those diagnosed with Autism to provide atypical individuals with support so that they can function as independently as possible.

Bryn Handley

Clinical Director

Bryn Handley is a licensed BCBA and LBA (CT). She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Behavior Analysis and Therapy and received her Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Kentucky where she focused her thesis on teaching social skills for the workplace to high school students with disabilities. Bryn also worked with children in the University of Kentucky’s Severe Behavior Clinic and practiced behavior analysis within the local school system. Prior to Hubbard Day, she provided home and center based Applied Behavior Analytic services for children between the ages of 2 and 18 years old with varied developmental disabilities. Bryn was a competitive swimmer in high school, a NCAA Division 1 scholarship athlete, and an Academic All-American. She continues to enjoy supporting her Southern Illinois Salukis.

Kelsey Yarrish

School Nurse

Kelsey Yarrish is the school nurse at Hubbard Day, where she combines her passion for helping children with special needs with her experience as an RN. Kelsey believes in treating her patients with compassion and respect and is committed to ensuring overall wellness and happiness for students at Hubbard. She began her career as an instructional assistant at a private special needs school where she worked for six years. In addition to her role as a fulltime school nurse here at Hubbard Day, Kesey continues to log hours as an RN at Yale New Haven Hospital’s St. Raphael campus, caring for patients in the Observation Unit. Kelsey holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University, an associate degree in Nursing from St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University, where she graduated magna cum laude, a Connecticut Registered Nursing license and is currently pursuing her second Bachelor’s in Nursing at the University of Bridgeport.

Lindsay Bistis

Special Education Teacher

Lindsay Bistis received her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University with a major in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education. Following graduation, Lindsay received her teaching license in elementary (Pre-K to 5) and special education (Pre-K to12) and moved to New York City where she began her career in the field of early childhood education. In 2004, Lindsay became the first teacher at Chelsea Piers Kids, a startup childhood venture at Chelsea Piers in NYC. During this time, Lindsay earned her master’s degree in education at CUNY Hunter College. Following 8 years at Chelsea Piers NY as a teacher and then program director there, Lindsay moved to Chelsea Piers Connecticut where she launched and directed the Chelsea Piers Kids program in Stamford while concurrently adding her Connecticut teaching license to her credentials. During her tenure at Chelsea Piers, Lindsay worked with children and families supporting them during the first years of their educational journeys. In November 2020, Lindsay joined the Hubbard Day staff as a special education teacher. Her greatest joy in teaching comes from her love of reading and sharing that with her students.

Judith Gouveia

Special Education Teacher

Judith Gouveia’s original major was in marketing while she attended Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus on an athletic scholarship. She left Long Island University and transferred to Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) after finding her passion in special education while working in a residential home for adults with disabilities on the autism spectrum. After graduating from SCSU with a Bachelor of Science degree, she worked at St. Vincent’s Special Needs Center. There, Judith taught students with severe/profound physical and mental disabilities. After two years, she missed working with students on the autism spectrum and started work at Giant Steps, a special needs school in Connecticut. Judith continued at Giant Steps while earning her Master of Science in Special Education with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies from SCSU. Judith’s background includes Applied Behavior Analysis, Floor Time, Verbal Behavior Program, Sensory Integration, and the SCERTS model (social communication, emotional, regulation and transactional support). She holds a Professional Educator State Certification in Special Education: Comprehensive Grades K through 12. She believes that every student can learn and every teacher should continue learning.

Roisleen Gluchowski

Speech & Language Pathologist

Roisleen Gluchowski graduated with a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders from Emerson College. Having a family member diagnosed with Down Syndrome affected her at a young age and drove her to pursue a career in special education. And working as an SLP in New York City for many years, she gained valuable and varied experience with the community population. There, Roisleen treated preschool and school-age individuals with speech and language disorders/delays and supported families and young children in the home setting through Early Intervention. She has evaluated and treated children with autism and a variety of neuro-developmental disorders and has gained special proficiency in AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) techniques, strategies and devices.

Tony Colao

Speech & Language Pathologist

Tony Colao is a licensed and Board-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist. He received his Master of Science in Communication Disorders from East Carolina University and comes to Hubbard with a wide portfolio of expertise. He has worked with individuals with disabilities from 17 months to 21 years of age. Working with people in need is his life’s passion. When Tony entered graduate studies, he became inspired by the work of Lev Vygotsky, who believed that with the help of peers and significant other children develop and actualize their potential. And so he believes: “Through Others We Become Ourselves.”

Laura James

Speech & Language Pathologist

Laura James is a licensed and Board-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She received her Master of Science in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from Purdue University. Her clinical background includes working with school-age children (ages 4-21 years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, language delays, and Speech Sound Disorders. She also has a deep background on the implementation and use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) devices—from low/no tech to high tech ones. Her career objectives are to ensure her students acquire the applicable and functional speech and language skills that translate into augmenting their everyday lives while providing the necessary educational and carryover information for others on the care team (such as parents/caretakers, teachers, etc.) to help. This will maximize the continuous encouragement of speech, language, and social skills growth both inside and outside of the therapy room.

Felicia Rosenkrans


Felicia Rosenkrans received her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut and her bachelor’s degree in Allied Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. She has more than 7 years of Occupational Therapy experience working with children and young adults but has also worked with infants. Her work has specialized in private school environments, treating young adults with autism and other neurological disorders. In this capacity, she has had the opportunity to work closely with a Behavioral Developmental Optometrist and vision therapists to address visual motor and perceptual disorders. Felicia is passionate about utilizing a child-centered, play-based, multi-sensory approach to help kids learn independence in activities of daily living. She believes children learn best when they are actively engaged in play/work that incorporates their interests. She is at her best when collaborating with families to determine a dynamic treatment plan that can be as creative as it needs to be so long as it is also evidence-based. Felicia loves helping children reach their greatest potential and become confident, empowered and independent.



Sadie received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University in New York City and Bachelor of Science in Allied Health and Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Her career began with her researching brain-behavior relations in infants, in which she studied the early building blocks of social cognition with a focus in human neural mirroring. Sadie’s passion for working with children and their families has taken her to Morocco to assist in the establishment of therapy services in low-resource communities. In addition to her role as a school-based occupational therapist, she also works with individuals in stroke recovery. When working with children, Sadie values predictability, playfulness, and inclusive design to celebrate the abilities of all children within her reach.

Erika Conaci


Erika Conaci received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Master of Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. During her studies, she became passionate about preparing students in post-secondary education (ages 18-22) for life after high school. She specifically enjoyed working on how cognitive skills like attention, memory, and problem-solving can affect how we complete our daily activities. She also has a passion for working with children of all ages. She enjoys working with families and children to ensure that therapy is safe, child-centered, evidence-based, and most importantly, FUN!

Kyle Turbert

Vocational Specialist

Kyle Turbert is the vocational specialist at Hubbard Day where he works with students ages 15 to 21 on prevocational and vocational skills. Kyle worked as an instructional assistant in a private special education school for over 9 years. He has also extensively worked in home settings where he has helped students enhance daily living skills, independence, and implementing positive behavioral supports. Kyle is CPR certified and PMT trained. He also holds a public service license to transport students to community trips, school, and other extracurricular activities. Kyle believes in helping students explore their true passions by providing career opportunities that align with those passions. He is dedicated to promoting more independence in the community to help create a successful transition for students and their families after Hubbard Day.

The Hubbard Day Staff

Our staff are dedicated and passionate about providing each child with a safety net of services that promote their development and independence. Our team approach incorporates feedback from each therapeutic and academic discipline in order to provide strategies for growth and support for weaknesses. The result is a cross-disciplinary program for each student that integrates goals from every academic and life-skill domain—and then generalizes everything into appropriate settings both in school and the world beyond.