Behavioral Therapy

We have employed board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and offer applied behavioral analysis (ABA) for treating children with diverse needs, including autism, ADHD, learning differences, developmental delays, anxiety, behavioral challenges, mental health issues and sensory processing disorders.

What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the only evidence-based teaching method and treatment for children with autism that uses scientific principles to decrease problematic behaviors and promote the acquisition of necessary skills. With ABA, the child’s environment is modified to promote learning and complex skills and concepts are broken down into small components which are then taught one at a time.

Skills addressed by an ABA program may include language, social, daily living, and academic skills. In our program, problem behaviors are addressed only if they have immediate social significance and prevent the individual from thriving, learning, and being safe and independent; the purpose of addressing a particular behavior is not to make an autistic person appear neurotypical.

Progress using ABA is measured empirically through data collection of observable behavior change. Treatment decisions are made by monitoring trends. Procedures used in behavior analytic treatments are also evidence-based and generalizable to a variety of settings, populations, and treatment providers. ABA practitioners do not make assumptions without evidence and are trained to make decisions based on evidence over time, not single events.

What Parents Say About Us!

Congratulations! My son is having a great start to ESY and the ‘new’ Hubbard. He keeps asking for the “old Hubbard” but we remind him it’s the same just in Stamford. Your staff is amazing, and I must say Ashley has been such an integral part of our program!

Great things are happening, and I am so thankful my son is part of all the successes. A year ago, I was not sure what would happen with his future and wow what a year it has been- he’s come so far, and it will only get better.

A Hubbard parent